All about Baby Boy Receiving Blankets

Published On September 16, 2020 | By udin | Blanket Ideas

Baby boy receiving blankets are made of soft cotton. It is white, with blue and pink striped designs. It is lightweight and keeps babies with a feeling of pleasant warmth. Then it is the blanket that welcomes and shelters millions of newborns in hospitals in the United States and Europe. And this fact that had gone unnoticed came to light thanks to social networks. Where proud parents boast the images of their newborns wrap with this iconic blanket Kuddle-Up line manufactured by the company Medline. Which since 1910 supplies medical products?

Baby Blankets In Bulk

Baby Blankets In Bulk

Until 1950 the blankets that were used in hospital nurseries were faded beige color that did not honor the joy of birth. So the owner of Medline set out to design something innovative and inclusive. Since the blue and pink stripes are use indiscriminately for boys and girls. The Kuddle-Up blanket has become a classic that adorns thousands of accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Where the proud parents show the world their newborn son. And also make a general coincidence evident. Both they and the grandparents were involved with the same model of blanket and have similar photos.

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What is sudden death syndrome? However, the coincidence is not coincidental. According to statistics, 99% of births in the United States occur in a hospital, which buys supplies from Medline, the company that moved its operations from Illinois to Karachi, Pakistan. From this site, Medline has massively sold strip baby boy receiving blankets to hospitals around the world, which is evident in the images share in the accounts of the different social networks. What can happen then? Babies can sweat excessively, overheat too much, or even stay cold as sweat will not evaporate and remain wet.

Moreover, polar materials, in addition to increasing body temperature, can cause respiratory diseases because they retain moisture from the air and prolong the child’s contact with that humidity. The thermostat of children is the same as ours, they feel the same cold or heat that adult’s feel. Moreover, not only are they not more sensitive to the cold. But also tend to be more active and move more therefore. Favoring them to get warm. It is best to apply common sense. In the case of babies under one month. Which regulate the temperature worse if it is necessary to apply the rule of ‘one more layer than adults’.

If the baby is in a stroller and you have a bag for it. It is important to value the clothes you are wearing. We only have to imagine what we would feel if as we go out into the street they put us in a car with baby boy receiving blankets. Depending on the cold you do it will be necessary to remove layers of clothing or not. In case we carry the baby, it is important to remember that we will give warmth to the baby in the parts that are in contact with our body. Therefore, we do not have to wrap them up excessively and worry more about the ones that they take to the air.

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