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July 31, 2020 Sofa Bed

Classy Leather Sectional Sofa Bed

Buying leather sectional sofa bed in living room can be confusing for the consumer; there are many types of leather on the market and even materials that are not skins but that we try to call leather. Full grain leather: this is the slice of the skin containing the epidermis. This part is porous, it breathes and is soft to the touch. Its price is higher than the other categories.

The sub-flower: it is the part under the epidermis, less soft and less porous than full-grain leather. It is however very resistant. The subflower leather is less expensive than the first category but is still a good buy for heavy duty living room furniture.

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The crust: it’s the bottom of the skin. This part is thinner and very fibrous, it has few pores and breathes less, hot type in summer and cold in winter. It also has a tendency to crack. Its price is much lower and it is preferred by manufacturers who want to offer a very low price. Its longevity is usually much shorter than the previous two categories. Laminated or reconstituted leathers. They are not skins: The hide scraps are shredded and processed into leather fiber, then blended with chemicals and coated with leather fiber, or coagulated into sheets and cardboard.

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