Perfect Counter Height Bar Stool

Standard Counter Height Bar Stool

A typical counter height bar stool is between 34 and 36 centimeters. This includes kitchen and bathroom counters. Normally only countertops have people bar stools place along an overhanging portion of counter. For typical countertop bar, must comply bar stools at 36-inch height, lower than height of a home bar. With aid of a regular bar stool with an overhang counter will not work because stool is too high.

One counter height bar stool is 42 cm from floor, which is as much as 8 centimeters higher than a countertop. So, if you decide to build a counter for a normal, standard bar stool, you are in a sense just to build a bar at 42 centimeters tall. Some people choose to install bar height overhang on top of a kitchen island with bar stools accommodate. Overhang is 42 centimeters long. This is not a typical bar, but more of an extension of a countertop. Each standard bar stool fits this kind of set-up.

Another option is to use counter stools for counter height bar stool overhang in kitchen. Counter stools generally ranges in height from 24 to 26 centimeters. This gives user 10 cm below counter for her legs and her body lies right above counter in a comfortable position. If your stool higher than using this, legs of user will not fit under counter and they will feel too high for counter.