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Covering a Bathroom Vanity Stools

Bathroom vanity stools is a short, little overstuffed seat traditionally used in front of the ladies vanity. Because of their height, their use as footstools or extra seating in the bathroom or other parts of the home. The original fabric on makeup stool is often dated or shredded maturity. Update tool quickly and easily to a range more suited to your own style and taste, and makes your bathroom vanity stool a piece of furniture to be proud of.

Bathroom Vanity Stools At Macy'S

Best Bathroom Vanity Stools At Macy’S

Turn your bathroom vanity stools upside down and locate the screws on the bottom that holds the upper piece of the pallet in place. Remove all of these screws with your screwdriver. Set the screws aside in a safe place. Slide the top of the bathroom vanity stools up and out of the frame. Carefully remove the fabric from the top piece of feces, being careful not to rip or tear it down if possible. Place the top piece to the side.

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Image of: Best Bathroom Vanity Stools At Macy’S

Add your new fabric right side down on a hard surface. Place your old fabric on top of your new fabric. Flatten the old fabric as much as possible with the help of hands. Place the letter presses the edges of the flattened old fabric to keep it flat and in place on the new fabric. Trace the outline of the old fabric of the new fabric. Remove paperweights and the old fabric from the new fabric and cut out the new fabric on the line you drew. Replace the top piece of the frame and screw.

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