Decorating Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

Apr 11th

Rubbermaid vertical storage shed not only has to be done for function; it can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. Use different materials, such as color, exterior walls, furniture, organizational systems and coordinate accessories to decorate the inside and outside of your building. Turn it into a charming cottage or exclusive building by providing these materials and your personal style flair.

Plastic Rubbermaid Storage Shed
Plastic Rubbermaid Storage Shed


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Add the material you choose to cover your Rubbermaid storage shed. This can be siding, cedar shingles or even salvaged wood. Attach a decorative ceiling. Use an awning, which is called a curved roof, an elongated fascia or a metal roof. One can also use a roof with a shape other than an ordinary roof, such as a roof, which has a triangle top. Paint the outside of the shed. Consider using a bright color like blue or green to make the shed stand out in the garden. You can also use a color that matches the decorating style. For example, use a cream or soft pink color for a Victorian shed or a brown for a rustic or country shed.

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Nail architectural details at the front of the Rubbermaid vertical storage shed. Some options are to add a faux window, shutters or decorative strips. Paint trim other color that contrasts with the base color. Accessorize outside your building. Add plantation full of bright flowers next to the shed. Attach wooden posts to the shed. Put a small white fence in front of it if desired. Hang hanging planters from shed roofs and place flowers in balcony drawers.

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