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August 1, 2020 Sofa Bed

Find the Sitting Comfortable Futon Sofa Bed

On a futon sofa bed, the structure is important because of its convertible mechanism, so be sure of its comfort. And for that, nothing like sitting on it. Testing a convertible sofa closed as open invites you to find the sitting comfort you need and the bed frame for which your sleep is made. A convertible sofa can have a slatted frame like grid … it’s up to you. Good to know: It is necessary to distinguish the sofa bed of convertible banquettes BZ and clic-clac.

For the convertible sofa, the seat is independent of the mattress, for convertible benches, the seat is composed of the mattress folded in two for the sofa bed. Even if he asks, every morning and every evening, a small maneuver to make it evolve, the sofa bed opens almost without making the least effort. Manufacturers are constantly creating the most ergonomic mechanics possible to minimize handling.

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On convertible sofas called “Rapido”, just pull the bed to bed. It is no longer necessary either to take off the couch, or to take out the cushions of the seat to move the sofa in bed. At the beginning, the conversion mechanism for convertible sofas was wood. Very heavy and difficult to manipulate, it was not until the 80s to see the first lighter mechanical metal.

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