Good Black Storage Cabinet

Black Pottery Barn Bar Cabinet

Black storage cabinet – Whether you live in a castle, a shoe box or something in between, good storage solutions are a hit! Both for big and for small things. And there are many other things than rectangular shelves and dull shelves – for example, go for furniture with several functions. The most suitable cabinets on the market turned out to be some kitchen cabinets that are really meant for spices, but they are perfectly suited for small bottles and jars, which are also many in a bathroom.

The cupboards have holes in the front door into which the waste is put in. At the back there are shelves with baskets that it ends up in. It is easy to find out – both to sort the waste and empty the baskets – for everyone in the family. The two cabinets under the stairs are specially design for waste sorting. So it is not necessary to go outside all the time. Labels show where the different types of waste should be put in.

When we built a new cupboard wall, there was a narrow gap” left over. I built a box that fit into the hole and put wheels under it so that it can be pulled out. Can be turned up and down so it is easy to iron. The cabinet runs on furniture wheels so that it can be pulled out. Pull out the cabinet, raise the board and turn on the iron – and you’re ready to iron.