Repair Low Back Counter Stools

Low Back Kitchen Counter Stools

Low back counter stools – Bar stools, sometimes counter stools, especially if you are entertaining in your home. Accidentally dropping a greasy appetizer or spill a little red wine can create a permanent mark that disfigures the whole stool. However, restoring low back counter stools is not a difficult project, and may your seats look almost new.

Repair a low back counter stools, Set the counter stool over so the bottom is visible. Tighten the screws or bolts securing the seat to the frame. Set the frame separately. Pull the staples from the bottom of the stool seat loosely to the coating. Remove dust carefully. Snip by keeping the seams together the old upholstery and dismantle. Use the file as a template to cut out the pieces for the new cover of the new upholstery. Sew the new cover so that the inside-out.

Take the new cover if you are sure it fits properly. Replace batting padding on the low back counter stools chair when worn. Pull the new counter stool lid down on the seat. Turn the chair. Pull one side of the fabric firmly to the middle of the seat and stapling site. Working around the edge of the fabric, the risk of pleat folds and staple against the underside of the seat.