Painting 3 Tier Bar Cart Is In Vogue Again

3 Tier Bar Cart Models

3 tier bar cart – Whatever you want to do in kitchen, bar cart will always be at your side. Thanks to its wheels, cart will always be where you need it. It has a deep compartment to place bottles and a drawer in which to keep everything.  Construction basically consists of floors screwed between sides. Upper compartment is divided by a center piece screwed between upper shelves. Note that rotating wheels should be placed on side where bar is to push cart.

You can purchase 3 tier bar cart of many types and prices. Decisive for choice are ease of application, technical equipment available and its demands on quality and durability of surface. Let yourself be advised in specialized stores. And if you do not have great experience in painting surfaces, it is advisable to practice a bit on a test piece.  You will get a better and faster result with acrylic paints. These water-dilutable paints can be applied particularly easily and quickly with a fine spray system.

Pour paint into tank and, if necessary, dilute it with a little water. Use a table to test spray intensity of nozzle and adjusting wheel to set amount of paint. Jet can be adjusted horizontally or vertically for 3 tier bar cart surfaces and in conical shape for corners. Paint inner edges first, then outer edges and finally surfaces; latter with uniform and parallel stripes.