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Quickly Ideas Under Cabinet Knife Storage

Under cabinet knife storage – If it is located under the worktop, a large drawer is ideal for storing all the utensils you need when cooking. You will not need to leave your b├ęchamel eyes to fetch the whip from the other side of the kitchen. If you are a seasoned cook, do not skimp on the size of the drawer, because you quickly reach the fifty culinary accessories: you can opt as here for a tiered drawer and provide compartments, rather than having everything loose.

Knife Storage Black

Knife Storage Black

It is common to accessories the credence of the kitchen by means of a round metal rod and S-hooks. Nevertheless, there are somewhat more developed and modular systems for the big kitchen designers. In addition to having hooks for utensils, it includes a knife holder, a paper reel and even a tablet. You can also put the bottles of spices or water jug!

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Since utensils are the cook’s tools, why not treat them as such? This postulate inspired this development realized by means of a perforated panel dedicated in principle to the storage of the tools in a workshop or in the garage. The extreme modularity of these fastening systems makes it possible to house many utensils and to vary your layout to your heart’s content.

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